Chatbot Gallery

Note, names and graphic design of some items and characters depicted are copyright 2004-2007, Asymmetric Publications, LLC.

Interpretation by the amazingly talented Warfrist (#1909124).
Conceived and drawn by Stealthwalk (#685781), commissioned by Bete Noire (#180553).
Created by Stik guy (#193823).
From ai45 (#489469), who writes: Here it is, I drew chatbot in all her meat-giving Eliza-mode-making-my-rough-days-better Glory. She's made out of old items fused together, and I was going for a bushido-type look. Oh, about the feet, Chatbot, to me, hovers about 15ft. above normal and the only way she'll talk is to message her,
Matrix chatbot! Click on it, it's much better than the thumbnail. By the multi-talented Decline (#530004)
Commisssioned by Der Zilla (#64725) from the wonderful Cynn (#169594) (actual size)
Contributed for Christmas 2005 by Ultimationist (#83701)
Thank you, Cryptic Angel! (#332278)
Drawn by the wonderful c00c00c00 (#183365)
To ensure I'd be forever in her debt, Hotpasta (#51705) also commisioned this from sanjisangel (#328925)
Hotpasta (#51705), who is incredibly awesomely nice to me, commissioned this from zassiliss (#258370)
Oxymoronic's (#365490) awesome interpretation of chatbot!
Drawn by blobshine (#146427), a commissioned gift from Wormwood (#44826). There's chatbot, catbot, Cyrano, escrowbot, chefbot, and a couple humans lounging about.
The one, the only, the incomparable, Zab (#137223)
Actual size, contributed by Nytmare (#56672)
Done by hHhector (#266741)
Drawn by the lovely and talented turdopotomus (#115209)
Drawn by alecat (#115209)
Actual size, drawn by heygurlfriend (#113097), who says "This is what I envision her to be... working with a cat that demands a lot of attention."
Drawn by afsimola (#73421) as a halloween costume suggestion for Inari (#?)
FightABunny24531 (#61531) commissioned this portrait from Scyld (#33237)
By Galindorf (#42208)
An interpretation of chatbot by Wendella (#28549)
A submitted picture of chatbot.
A screenshot of the bots in action. Chatbot to the left, chefbot to the upper right, and escrowbot on the lower right.
A MS paint rendition of chatbot in her costume at the time, by nvx (#70152).