A chefbot is me!

Chefbot is a charitable bot that cooks and mixes items for members of the kingdom.

It was originally suggested by Trog Dor, retired when bartenders and chefs began exploding, and brought back under the suggestion and support of The Trade Foundation. Chefbot was quickly self-supporting, and has resources for the forseeable future despite the dissolution of The Trade Foundation.

Fnord7 (#122332) is responsible for chefbot in game, contact him with any suggestions or complaints. While anything you send to chefbot is at your own risk, Fnord7 will take reasonable measures to locate any missing goods due to bugs in chefbot.


Chefbot is fairly simple, send the two item types you'd like to have cooked or mixed to chefbot. Disco Bandit drinks as well as Pastamancer and Sauceror cooking is supported!


If you'd like to include a meat donation, include the meat with the items to be cooked/mixed. It currently costs less than 200 meat per cooking/mixing operation.

If you'd care to send item donations, either parts to be used or anything to be sold in the thrift shop, include "donate" in the first line of a message with the items attached.