A chatbot is me!

Plea for Contributors

Please support chatbot's development by contributing to her hint rules. These are being compiled by the Kindom of Loathing community, and should help those who need gentle hints to find them when they have trouble finding patient experienced players.

Current hint file (rev. 68+)

Current KoL Missing Responses

chatbot: version 0.4

  1. Chatbot will now don and doff items with an appropriate request.
  2. Chatbot is now in communication with Petal and Lawrence Welk and occasionally asks them to provide buffs on her behalf.
  3. Respond to chat room messages that include "dd" or "daily dungeon" with an appropriate response (it's random).
  4. Do some other stuff that involves private messaging, and messages.
  5. Note that this script contains many easter eggs that aren't in the released code.
  6. Look up what is playing on the radio, tell people who ask, notify people automatically who ask to be notified automatically. Working on a better way to time this out without too onerous server hits.
  7. Roll various "dice". Chatbot will not announce this to a chat channel, and would only to a clan channel. I am working on a way that rolls can be verified if so desired.

More thanks

nvx: suggested radio history function

cjc343, others: suggestions for timing out radio notification